Fasting for charity- Typhoon Haiyan

I am slightly later than planned in writing this little blog post… due to a seriously manic few weeks planning and preparing for a shoot, then working on it all weekend, including a 17 hour day yesterday on shoot!

Anyway, last Monday I fasted for 24 hours to help raise money for the much needed Philippines Typhoon Haiyan appeal, through British Red Cross. It was relatively a small challenge, considering the scale of disaster that so many are facing over there, but it was a challenge for me none the less.

24 little hours… by 10am, stomach is grumbling and trying to avoid the kitchen. By midday, watching TV while I work as a distraction and every advert seems to be delicious looking xmas food ad’s- M&S the most tempting. Agh! By 2pm, off out the house to buy some more props and essentials for the shoot. Have to buy sweets, which means going in a food shop- sooo hungry now! By 6pm, almost forgotten about food  the last few hours, then as my body clock starts telling me it’s dinner time the hunger pangs return. by 8pm, my flatmate returns home and cooks dinner- food smells are the worst for temptation. 10pm, prepare for bed and drink herb tea to sooth my brain and stomach.

The next day I very much enjoyed my food!

Most importantly, I managed, with the generous help of friends and family, to raise £180 for the Typhoon Haiyan appeal, which is a lot more than I could afford to donate alone (joys of working for yourself with high Brighton rents and bills). This money will buy 10 tarpaulins to help make temporary shelters, six hygeine kits and 14 blankets. Thank you sooo much to everyone that has donated through my personal appeal or through their own! Even a small difference we can help to make is a difference. Here’s hoping all the supporting charities continue to raise money and support all those in need.

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