Tassel fun- make Tassel Wool Bunting!

So, on one of my many ventures to create something new and interesting, to use for future clients’ weddings and events, I ended up creating something both fun and easy making tassels which would then form some unusual bunting (of sorts)! On top of this, I finally used some of the bundles of wool and ribbon that I have been storing up for years, waiting until the perfect moment to make something with it.

I started by making each tassel individually… follow the instructions and images below, then simply tied each tassel to a length of string, trimmed off any excess wool/ ribbon and hang wherever you please!









Step 1: Grab a book to the length that you want the tassels to be and a ball of wool (I used extra thick in these images)

Step 2: Wrap the wool around the book as many times as you want to create the right thickness then cut. (I had thick wool so only wrapped around about 12 times, I’d do more for thinner wool).

Step 3: Cut a new length of wool (about twice the length of your tassels), and thread it underneath the looped section at the top of the book (as in not the section where the wool was cut off.

Step 4: Wrap this wool through this section several times, looping it through the wool at the section of wool that will make the top of the tassel. Tie a knot at the top then trim any excess wool.

Step 5: At the other end of the book (where the loose strand of the end of wool hangs, push scissors through (one part, under the wool looped there, one part over them) and cut to create all loose cut ends.

Step 6: Pull a strand of wool from either side of the knotted part at the top of the tassel (this will form the loop to attach it something. Tie a loose knot at the top to create a loop of string (it can be un- knotted when you want to tie it to something).

Step 7: Just under the knot section at the top of the tassel, pulling all sections of wool tight, take a new length of wool and wrap several times tightly and then knot to secure and trim any excess wool from the knot.

Step 8: Tie to something. I made lots and made some party bunting!

wool bunting upcycled blue wedding