Pattern Love

Dots, stripes, chevrons, geometric, nature inspired… it’s hard to keep up with trending fashions, never mind figure out how to introduce such busy or dominating patterns into your home.

If, like me, you sit and drool over wonderful colours and patterns in magazines, books and my fave Pinterest, then surely at some point you too must have thought about how to introduce some of these wonderful shapes and colours into your house.

To mix and match or to keep to a theme? Personally, I like to mix and match a bit, but don’t go crazy- either mix patterns of a similar type or different patterns in similar colours. Use your eye, bring things into your home to try and see what works. PS… keep it simple elsewhere, a white or neutral coloured room with similar coloured bedding or sofas can take a splash of ‘wow pattern‘ in a rug/ throw or cushion. Dont use more than 2 colours (not including your neutral white/ grey/ cream background), you can use several different shades of them though.

Here’s a little taste of some pattern loves I have gathered from my own home (and a few rugs courtesy of my flatmates recent spend at Urban Outfitters).