Time for a change- New Habitat Dylan Lamp

Anyone that knows me, and if you’ve read my blog posts on here or my new online store Collectie, you will know I have a bit of a thing for lighting. In all forms- floor lamps, bedside lamps, vintage lighting, candles- love, love, love! I actually have no space at home for any more lights, lamps or candle holders, so when I see something I love, it is a tough call for me about whether to get it, as it will mean either selling or storing one of my already loved lights.

Change is good though too and it’s great to bring in a new item to the home to inspire a new look. My living room has been styled roughly the same for way too long, partly due to lack of budget and time and partly due to the fact that lots of items in my living room have been hand crafted or upcycled by me so hard to change or get rid of. However, keeping in mind that change is good and my living room is in need of something new (other than new flowers and candles), I have decided on the new Dylan Ash floor lamp from Habitat.

Habitat Dylan Ash Floor Lamp

It has meant that for now my hand made tripod lamp has had to be demoted to the garage (in the hope that one day soon I’ll move to a bigger home where I have space for both- or wait until I need another change and swap them over again).

Hand made tripod lamp jasmineorchardstyling.comAbove: Upcycled Tripod Lamp with Vintage shade, made by Jasmine Orchard.

So, my new Dylan lamp arrived, which I ordered with the large Drum Silk Shade in white, it’s not the cheapest shade on the market and I did wander about opting for a smaller size, but a larger shade makes a much better statement and this size fits well with the Dylan base (its also the recommended shade to accompany this lamp on Habitats site).

Habitat Dylan lamp review

It has taken the place of my hand made tripod lamp (for now), and actually brings a much lighter feel to the living room, being in a nice light ash wood. The silk shade is lovely too, I love the look, feel, size and the way the light shines through it in the evening, though a little pricier than I’d usually pay (at £55), you do have to remind yourself that it is silk, large and a pretty timeless design. I also tried it for size on my handmade tripod lamp, which looked great on there too, and it is nice to know that I can now swap bases over when I like and the shade will work well on either.

As the lamp has a lighter appearance with the Ash wood and white shade (more creamy when the lights on), I styled it with the Oatmeal Artisan Linen Cushion from Collectie which creates a lovely calming and natural look. I also have a set of the eco Wooden Geometric Candle Holders on my coffee table with white dinner candles in, which co-ordinate really well with the lighter wood in the lamp.

Habitat Dylan Ash lamp with silk drum

Opting for such a simple classic base and shade means it will work in most spaces and the shade has the option of staying on this lamp, going on another lamp or being hung from the ceiling. I like items that have a bit of longevity to them and as I change up my interiors fairly often, I always consider more than one use for an item so that it doesn’t become redundant when I want to have a change or move things about.

The only downside to adding something so lovely and new to my living room is that it now highlights how old and tired my sofa looks… one thing at a time!



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