I now have a NEW Online Interiors Store…. check it out!

Any of you that followed my last post on here (sorry it’s been a while again) will have seen my radio silence here has been due to a lot of hard work and many hours to launch a new concept for an online store.

Anyway, that day has finally come. On Tuesday 9th June, I launched Collectie.

I wont tell you all about it here, as it would make much more sense for you to take a look yourselves. View website here

collectie, collections, linen cushion, bespoke stool, interiors, styling, bedroom, white, porcelain, lamp

Above- Hint of Mint Collection

collectie, interiors, design, styling, copper, tray, recycled, wood, candle holders, french vase, glass, white candles, Nordic,

Above- Natural Retreat Collection

linen, cushion, grey, hand printed, summer, wool throw, bespoke, stools, wooden, vase, hydrangea, bedroom

Above- Summer Drift Collection

Each of the three personally curated collections are limited edition of no more than 12 of each collection and include individual antique and vintage pieces.

As part of the launch, I am GIVING AWAY, yes GIVING AWAY one of the Natural Retreat Collections with a beautiful copper or silver tray, three artisanal recycled wood geometric candle holders, 6 white dinner candles, a French antique bottle (used as vase) and artificial (though looks remarkably real) white scabious flower.

For a chance to win, just head on over to any of Collecties social media accounts:

facebook.com/collectiehome, twitter.com/collectiehome, pinterest.com/collectiehome, instagram.com/collectiehome

And look for the giveaway image of Natural Retreat, then follow and share, simple as that. The competition ends this Saturday 13th June!

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you over at Collectie.

Jasmine x