Collectie Online Store Well On It’s Way…


So, if you happened to notice the radio silence here at Jasmine Orchard Styling, I’m excited to say, it’s because I have been head-deep setting up a new online store.

My styling work and this website will still continue, though may suffer from a little less attention in the next few months.

My new store, named ‘Collectie’ (I’ll explain the name later) will not be ‘just another interior accessories store’, it will strike out from the crowd and offer something different. Collectie will sell personally styled collections of interior goods and accessories, which will range from a small collection of accessories to include a tray and candle holders, up to a larger collection of homewares and accessories to include British made stools, and hand printed linen cushions.

These collections have been lovingly hand picked from artisans, artists and design trend setters from the UK, Holland and Denmark, all the searching for the beautiful, unusual and well made products (that work well together and in a variety of places in your home), have been chosen personally and then styled together by none other than myself. With years of styling experience, a love of sourcing original and interesting items, skills of upcycling and a great knowledge of trends and design, this store will offer my knowledge, love and skills as part of the parcel!

It’s been full on hard work, and having never run a shop before, a MASSIVE learning curve- with a few mistakes made already, but then learning only truely happens through actually doing it and mistakes only teach us what not to do next time. I still have a way to go with website building and content writing but thought I’d share a little of my journey so far.

glass, bottles, science, vintage, collections, styling, interiorsbrown, glass, apothacary, bottles, vintage, shop, styling, collections








Sourcing and collecting unusual science and apothecary bottles…

garagewhite, grey, flex, light, wiring, interiors

Moving into a new storage unit (it looks much fuller with all my new shop stock in now), re-wiring lights (dont worry- I used an electrical shop for this part) with grey cord flex.

logo, brnading, collection, shop online, interiors, collectionsvictoria umansky, cushions, linen, hand printed, design, british, interiors, shop, collections, flouro, black, white, eco






Initial logo mock ups, first of the shop stock arriving- stunning hand printed Linen cushion covers.

sofa, leather, wood, floor, shoot, location, interiors, shop, collectiewindow, industrial, bedroom, shoot, location, shop, interiors, collectie









Sneak peak at photoshoot location to style and shoot all new collections.


So… there you have a little insight into what is to come and my reason for radio silence on here.

I REALLY REALLY look forward to sharing with you and the rest of the world Collectie’s online store very soon. Collectie by the way being Dutch for Collections, and Holland being where I used to live and first took inspiration for a different style of interior goods.

See you soon… Jasmine x

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