Time for a change- New Habitat Dylan Lamp

Anyone that knows me, and if you’ve read my blog posts on here or my new online store Collectie, you will know I have a bit of a thing for lighting. In all forms- floor lamps, bedside lamps, vintage lighting, candles- love, love, love! I actually have no space at home for any more lights, lamps or candle holders, so when I see something I love, it is a tough call for me about whether to get it, as it will mean either selling or storing one of my already loved lights.

Change is good though too and it’s great to bring in a new item to the home to inspire a new look. My living room has been styled roughly the same for way too long, partly due to lack of budget and time and partly due to the fact that lots of items in my living room have been hand crafted or upcycled by me so hard to change or get rid of. However, keeping in mind that change is good and my living room is in need of something new (other than new flowers and candles), I have decided on the new Dylan Ash floor lamp from Habitat.

Habitat Dylan Ash Floor Lamp

It has meant that for now my hand made tripod lamp has had to be demoted to the garage (in the hope that one day soon I’ll move to a bigger home where I have space for both- or wait until I need another change and swap them over again).

Hand made tripod lamp jasmineorchardstyling.comAbove: Upcycled Tripod Lamp with Vintage shade, made by Jasmine Orchard.

So, my new Dylan lamp arrived, which I ordered with the large Drum Silk Shade in white, it’s not the cheapest shade on the market and I did wander about opting for a smaller size, but a larger shade makes a much better statement and this size fits well with the Dylan base (its also the recommended shade to accompany this lamp on Habitats site).

Habitat Dylan lamp review

It has taken the place of my hand made tripod lamp (for now), and actually brings a much lighter feel to the living room, being in a nice light ash wood. The silk shade is lovely too, I love the look, feel, size and the way the light shines through it in the evening, though a little pricier than I’d usually pay (at £55), you do have to remind yourself that it is silk, large and a pretty timeless design. I also tried it for size on my handmade tripod lamp, which looked great on there too, and it is nice to know that I can now swap bases over when I like and the shade will work well on either.

As the lamp has a lighter appearance with the Ash wood and white shade (more creamy when the lights on), I styled it with the Oatmeal Artisan Linen Cushion from Collectie which creates a lovely calming and natural look. I also have a set of the eco Wooden Geometric Candle Holders on my coffee table with white dinner candles in, which co-ordinate really well with the lighter wood in the lamp.

Habitat Dylan Ash lamp with silk drum

Opting for such a simple classic base and shade means it will work in most spaces and the shade has the option of staying on this lamp, going on another lamp or being hung from the ceiling. I like items that have a bit of longevity to them and as I change up my interiors fairly often, I always consider more than one use for an item so that it doesn’t become redundant when I want to have a change or move things about.

The only downside to adding something so lovely and new to my living room is that it now highlights how old and tired my sofa looks… one thing at a time!



I now have a NEW Online Interiors Store…. check it out!

Any of you that followed my last post on here (sorry it’s been a while again) will have seen my radio silence here has been due to a lot of hard work and many hours to launch a new concept for an online store.

Anyway, that day has finally come. On Tuesday 9th June, I launched Collectie.

I wont tell you all about it here, as it would make much more sense for you to take a look yourselves. View website here

collectie, collections, linen cushion, bespoke stool, interiors, styling, bedroom, white, porcelain, lamp

Above- Hint of Mint Collection

collectie, interiors, design, styling, copper, tray, recycled, wood, candle holders, french vase, glass, white candles, Nordic,

Above- Natural Retreat Collection

linen, cushion, grey, hand printed, summer, wool throw, bespoke, stools, wooden, vase, hydrangea, bedroom

Above- Summer Drift Collection

Each of the three personally curated collections are limited edition of no more than 12 of each collection and include individual antique and vintage pieces.

As part of the launch, I am GIVING AWAY, yes GIVING AWAY one of the Natural Retreat Collections with a beautiful copper or silver tray, three artisanal recycled wood geometric candle holders, 6 white dinner candles, a French antique bottle (used as vase) and artificial (though looks remarkably real) white scabious flower.

For a chance to win, just head on over to any of Collecties social media accounts:,,,

And look for the giveaway image of Natural Retreat, then follow and share, simple as that. The competition ends this Saturday 13th June!

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing you over at Collectie.

Jasmine x



Collectie Online Store Well On It’s Way…


So, if you happened to notice the radio silence here at Jasmine Orchard Styling, I’m excited to say, it’s because I have been head-deep setting up a new online store.

My styling work and this website will still continue, though may suffer from a little less attention in the next few months.

My new store, named ‘Collectie’ (I’ll explain the name later) will not be ‘just another interior accessories store’, it will strike out from the crowd and offer something different. Collectie will sell personally styled collections of interior goods and accessories, which will range from a small collection of accessories to include a tray and candle holders, up to a larger collection of homewares and accessories to include British made stools, and hand printed linen cushions.

These collections have been lovingly hand picked from artisans, artists and design trend setters from the UK, Holland and Denmark, all the searching for the beautiful, unusual and well made products (that work well together and in a variety of places in your home), have been chosen personally and then styled together by none other than myself. With years of styling experience, a love of sourcing original and interesting items, skills of upcycling and a great knowledge of trends and design, this store will offer my knowledge, love and skills as part of the parcel!

It’s been full on hard work, and having never run a shop before, a MASSIVE learning curve- with a few mistakes made already, but then learning only truely happens through actually doing it and mistakes only teach us what not to do next time. I still have a way to go with website building and content writing but thought I’d share a little of my journey so far.

glass, bottles, science, vintage, collections, styling, interiorsbrown, glass, apothacary, bottles, vintage, shop, styling, collections








Sourcing and collecting unusual science and apothecary bottles…

garagewhite, grey, flex, light, wiring, interiors

Moving into a new storage unit (it looks much fuller with all my new shop stock in now), re-wiring lights (dont worry- I used an electrical shop for this part) with grey cord flex.

logo, brnading, collection, shop online, interiors, collectionsvictoria umansky, cushions, linen, hand printed, design, british, interiors, shop, collections, flouro, black, white, eco






Initial logo mock ups, first of the shop stock arriving- stunning hand printed Linen cushion covers.

sofa, leather, wood, floor, shoot, location, interiors, shop, collectiewindow, industrial, bedroom, shoot, location, shop, interiors, collectie









Sneak peak at photoshoot location to style and shoot all new collections.


So… there you have a little insight into what is to come and my reason for radio silence on here.

I REALLY REALLY look forward to sharing with you and the rest of the world Collectie’s online store very soon. Collectie by the way being Dutch for Collections, and Holland being where I used to live and first took inspiration for a different style of interior goods.

See you soon… Jasmine x

Industrial Photo Shoot for Doris Loves

I had the pleasure recently of working with the lovely Amanda from Doris Loves, who specialise in making giant light-up letters to hire. Doris Loves wanted an industrial party feel to showcase their letters and give their clients (new and old), an idea of how these letters can be used in alternative ways to just LOVE or couples initials for weddings. They do have the whole alphabet after all!

Teaming up with the ever brilliant Sarah London Photography, we set about coming up with fab party words, ideas for our ‘party girls’ and of course- my job- to add in some fun decor! A few email conversations, pinterest images and a model search competition later, we have a fab industrial venue at Circus Street, Brighton, two gorgeous girls to model, a stack of pink balloons, party poppers, bunting and streamers. Not forgetting party hair, clothes and make up to dance the night away.

Here is a sneak peak of behind the scenes, the large team at work. All of the following images are taken by Jessica Milberg from The Looking Glass Boudoir. PS, we were working around a leaky ceiling with bucket loads of rain pouring in and obviously no heating. All in a days work!

lights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloons lights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloons





lights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloonslights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloons






lights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloonslights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloons






lights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloons

lights, letters, doris loves, party, wedding, mr, mrs, industrial, photograph, styling, black and white, balloons











For colour actual shoot images, check my Portfolio, Styled Shoots, and scroll through to second project. Or check all lighting images on Doris Loves site.

Fab team for the day: Light up letters: Doris Loves, Interior Styling: Jasmine Orchard Styling, Photographer: Sarah London, Assistant photographer: Jessica Milberg, Hair styling: Hati Cole, Make up: Hannah Dove, Fashion: Evangeline Harbury, Videographer: Little Bird Wedding Videos, 3ft balloons: The Little House Shop.


Bye Bye 2014, Welcome 2015!

So, another year almost ended. I cant believe how quickly 2014 flew by and its hard to remember all that happened here at Jasmine Orchard Styling. I am now looking forward to a new year with new aspirations and a very exciting new venture for my business.

In 2015, Jasmine Orchard Styling will continue to style your parties, weddings, birthdays, events and work on photoshoots and editorial… but will also be embarking on the exciting journey of opening an online store selling styled collections of home accessories. Watch this space!

As a little acknowledgement and trip down memory lane, here are a few highlights from Jasmine Orchard Styling’s year in 2014.

The beginning of 2014 was spent running (not literally) around the UK to meet the lovely London team at Kreate and the B&Q team, liaising on the B&Q SS14 Press Launch and styling their launch in London.

press, launch, styling, B&Q, homeware, interiors

I also had the privilege of being asked to collaborate on and write the text for an interiors book aimed at children, which would give the reader the opportunity to learn basics in design and  then design their own bedroom. Great fun, and hope to see it published one day soon with ivy press.

bedrrom, book, publication, ivy press, interior, design, children, jasmine orchard styling

beautiful, room, bedroom, interio, design, colour, theory, children, book, ivy press, jasmine orchard styling

March and April highlights were styling a fab networking party for the wonderful Doily Days and Belles Events. Thanks to Velvet Storm for the photos; Having the honour to not only exhibit at but also style one of the rooms at the fabulous Most Curious Wedding Fair in London; and having some of my home styling featured in Real Homes Magazine (a beautiful property down the road from me in Brighton).

party, event, styling, jasmine orchard styling, flamingo, flags, bunting

Wedding, fair, london, styling, event, interiors, streamers, rosettes, colourful, styling,

wedding, fair, london, styling, event, interior, flamingo, jasmineorchard, peacock chair

real homes, interior, styling, jasmine orchard styling, brightonreal homes, interior, styling, jasmine orchard styling, brighton

Summer months were filled with photoshoots, a fab 40th birthday party styling and weddings.I was also featured in the fantastic Mollie Makes magazine after meeting one of the team at A Most Curious Wedding Fair.

Images are as follows: A Festival inspired photoshoot I planned and worked on with talented photographer Sarah London Photography, which was later featured on none other than Rock My Wedding- view here; A 40th Birthday Party styled in the lovely Caribou Rooms in Brighton; and Mollie Makes feature in Handmade Wedding Magazine.

festival, photo, shoot, styled, interior, styling, woods, bus, 1970s, rock my wedding

event, styling, stylist, caribou rooms, brighton, interiors, props, photobooth

Mollie makes, handmade, wedding, magazine, article, jasmine orchard styling, feature, press


From April onwards I was also lucky enough to be asked to write a monthly column on interiors advice for the newspaper The Argus, in which I tried to give straight forward advice and tips on everyday home styling as well as ideas for parties and events.

interior design, article, newspaper, the argus, brighton, local, advice, interior, styling, jasmine orchard styling

From September onwards, weddings and party styling over, I have been working on my new venture of an online store and I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait for any images or clues about that.

My final highlight of 2014 was styling a really fun photoshoot for the talented Doris Loves who makes gorgeous light up letters to hire- we worked on a fun industrial style party idea with the lights, complete with party poppers and disco music!

light up letters, doris loves, styling, shoot, stylist, interior, party, balloons

Thanks to everyone that has been part of Jasmine Orchard Styling’s journey over the last year… I’m really looking forward to 2015 now!

Thanks to: Sarah London Photography, Doris Loves, Hati Cole Hair, Alex Crown Make up, Amy Ilic, David Woolley Photography, Henry Quarton Photography, Emma Gutteridge PhotographyDavid Baker Photography, Rachel Yorke, Sophie Clare Gale, Sadie Cole, Ivy Press, Doily DaysBelles Events, Most Curious Wedding Fair, Mollie Makes, Ruby Turbett, Sussex House Party, Jika Edstrom, Amy Shadbolt, Bridie Florence, Katie Rose Cummings, Foodilic and anyone else I forgot to mention.


Christmas Styling

Apologies for complete lack of input to my blog posts recently. Jasmine Orchard Styling has new exciting plans on the horizon, taking up most of my time!

So… just a little festive inspiration with some Christmas styling around the fireplace. I went with a more natural feel this year, taking inspiration from my lovely reeds (collected from Dorset last week) in a vintage glass bottle, bark candles, pine tree sections and of course a little bling with gold sparkly feathers.

christmas, mantelpiece, natural, pine, styling, inspiration, deer, bottles  christmas, mantelpiece, natural, pine, styling, inspiration

christmas, mantelpiece, natural, pine, styling, inspiration

gold, sparkly, feathers, christmas, styling  christmas, mantelpiece, natural, pine, styling, inspiration, fireplace, chair, cosy  pink, paper, pom poms, christmas, styling, decorations

mantelpiece, mirror, deer, bark, candles, pine, christmas, styling, glass, bottles, baubles, silver

christmas, mantelpiece, natural, pine, styling, inspiration, deer, bottles

Have a happy Christmas and New Year everyone and I’ll be back to blogging in the new year!

Mwah x


Pure New Wool Throws for Christmas

Exciting times here at Jasmine Orchard Styling as I am planning for another new business to launch next year (name not revealed yet) that will be an online store selling collections of wonderful styled interior accessories.
One of the items that my new store will be selling is luxury Pure New Wool Throws. A perfect accessory for styling on the end of a bed, folded over a sofa arm, hanging over a chair, or layered with other blankets and cushions on your favourite seat. Practical, warm, cozy and stylish, the perfect winter treat!
In the run up to Christmas, while I’m sure a lot of you are thinking about that ideal Christmas gift, and hopefully considering to shop local and support friends or local trades, I offer you a variety of snug classy wool throws at a discount price.
There are only a few of each style (more of the most popular), so these will sell on first come first serve basis.
Each throw will come hand wrapped in turquoise tissue paper and gold ribbon with a small brown card tag ready for you to address straight away to your loved ones for Christmas or simply enjoy un-wrapping for yourself (treat!!)
Important Information:
To purchase a throw, please email me directly with the name of throw(s) you would like and whether you will be collecting locally or wish for the throw to be shipped.
Payment to be made via paypal or bank transfer (details given once you order).
All throws £45.
The throws can be collected directly from me in Brighton or sent first class (at an additional cost of £4.99).
These will be ready for collection or shipping on December 8th.
If requiring postage, please let me know if you’d like any message to be written on the tag once the throw is wrapped (if sending direct as a gift).
Please note no returns unless faulty.
 illusion grey  herringbone charc silver   fishbone sea blue  herringbone fawn and duck egg  herringbone purple and green
Christmas wishes and love to all…..
Jasmine x

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